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Lawrence Wright's CAMP DAVID

As Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin in Lawrence Wright's CAMP DAVID, Alley Theatre 2020

"Jordan Lage is unrelenting as Israeli PM Menachem Begin... (he) fights for the survival of a people who could have gone extinct" ~ Houston Chronicle
"Performed superbly by actors that got it so bang on, they seemed popped right out of a newsreel." ~ Houston Press
Winner, BEST NEW PRODUCTION 2020 ~ Houston Press

Receiving our Drama Desk Awards for Outstanding Ensemble

“This transfixingly acted production… leaves you with a case of happy jitters that may keep you up hours past bedtime. It's the performers, who also include Jordan Lage as an impatient police detective, who keep "Glengarry" spinning so convincingly. The danger in performing Mamet these days is that he has become so widely known, so endlessly imitated. It takes a careful, skillful ensemble to render his characters without making them sound like jacked-up dirty robots. Making them sound spontaneous requires something like brilliance. Which is indeed what is achieved by the protean Mr. Mantello and the actors playing Mr. Mamet's band of backstabbers. ~ Ben Brantley, New Yok Times


One of the best ensemble performances you can find anywhere… when the seven actors in ‘Glengarry Glen Ross’ take their final curtain call on Sunday afternoon, Broadway will be losing a big bright light.

A cop, Jordan Lage, is interviewing each salesman behind a closed door. It's like a mad tennis match, with the dialogue volleying among seven players, some leaving and then re-entering the game. As the cast lobs its lines, watch Mr. Lage and Mr. Schreiber joust for power… it’s not to be missed.” ~ Andrea Stevens, New York Times.

Winner, Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Ensemble

Tony Award, Best Revival (Play)

BERNIE & MIKEY'S TRIP TO THE MOON, Strangemen Theatre Co. 2018

“…a top-notch cast that brings Aiello's finely written story to life… These talented thespians are so authentic in their roles, you will think you are watching the scenes unfold in real time.” ~ Broadway World


“…bar owner Mike (played with desperate intensity and biting sarcasm by Jordan Lage)…” ~


“…a devilishly believable Jordan Lage…” ~ Front Row Center


“Jordan Lage as Bernie’s father, Mike Sr., postures frequently as the testosterone-driven head of household, but when he lets down his guard, the sensitive love and care for his wife and children shines through.” ~

GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS, McCarter Theatre 2000.

“A searing revival… Mr. Zigler and his top-notch cast makes a convincing case that ''Glengarry Glen Ross'' will be a play that 22nd-century audiences will be seeing when they want to revisit late-20th-century America and find out what life was like back then.”


“Scorching... a first-rate ensemble cast. On target are Steven Goldstein, Sam Coppola, and Jordan Lage as the shrewd and unemotional office manager.” ~ Variety

“The audience on opening night not only succumbed to the dialogue, the performers, and the play itself, but greeted individual arias (what else can you call them?) and confrontations with show-stopping applause. Not influenced in the least by the enthusiasm of the audience, I can objectively say this was one of the most exciting and edifying productions I’ve seen at McCarter in the 20 years I have been going there. One of the most focused and provocative performances comes from Jordan Lage… so cagily icy as the arrogant self-assured and hated office manager.” ~


Baltimore Center Stage 2011

“A raw and vital play thanks to the well-matched performances. The actors bring such gritty persuasiveness to their roles that you appreciate the bits of character detail that add up to a convincing whole.” ~ Baltimore Sun


“Unforgettable performances… These three performers have beautiful stage chemistry… (Lage is) entertaining to watch… zipping and zinging wildly across the stage… with an anxious energy that explodes… it was amazing to watch three completely different characters come cohesively together as one in this performance.” ~ Maryland Theatre Guide


Lage, Ross and Hill each deliver strong performances, particularly Lage as Teach who never seems to stop moving, pacing in Don's shop like the proverbial caged animal, dancing like a boxer, bopping and weaving while peppering the air with his vulgarities.” ~


When (Lage, as Teach) blasts in, a 70’s version of Seinfeld’s Kramer - lonely, weird, and aggrieved - the production kicks into gear. In a hyperkinetic performance, Lage moves around the stage, shadowboxing, dancing, and pleading, cursing Ruthie for implying that he is a moocher. This play truly moves… and thanks to an energizing performance by Lage, (it) gets transformed into an intensely physical play.” ~ DC Theatre Scene

RIDE THE TIGER, Long Wharf Theatre 2013

“Juicy, cynical, often hilarious, given theatrical life by a cast of skilled actors…

In real life, Sinatra and Jack Kennedy were among the most magnetic personalities of the 20th century. At Long Wharf, Jordan Lage makes Sam (Giancana) the irresistible one.” ~ New York Times


“Sam's delicate wooing of Judy… is a stunner. Lage thoroughly makes you believe in the sly charm, the playful machismo, the quiet menace and ultimately the ruthlessness of this mesmerizing mob boss.” ~ Hartford Courant


Lage… bring(s) his character to intriguing life. The play offers many intriguing and humorous moments, especially when Lage is centerstage. His final scene… brought the house down.” ~ CT Theater News

Connecticut Critics Circle Award nomination, Best Featured Actor

OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY, Long Wharf Theatre 2016

“The Long Wharf turns the play into something less comic, more dramatic and more realistic. The most obvious way this has been done is by casting Jordan Lage as "Larry the Liquidator" Garfinkle, the blustery New Yorker whose acquisition of stock in a rustic Rhode Island business sets the plot in motion.

    Lage has appeared in many plays by David Mamet, and brings an aggressive, acerbic attitude to the character that's so intense you may forget to laugh. Lage is also thin and attractive, a contrast from such deliberately dumpy Garfinkles of yore as Jon Polito or (in the movie version) Danny DeVito.

    Lage got a good ad-lib in on opening night when he said "Say 'Amen,' someone, please!" and someone did. (Note to future audience members: Don't.)” ~ Hartford Courant

“OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY, featuring a character called “Larry the Liquidator” (sensationally played by Jordan Lage)… As mentioned, Jordan Lage makes an excellent heel as “Larry the Liquidator,” whose shark-like movements to try and take over New England Wire and Cable Company are quite a sight to see. 


The scenes where “Larry the Liquidator” and Kate (Liv Rooth) go head to head practically crackle with electricity, as the audience watches each character attempt to one-up the other. ~

Connecticut Critics Circle Award nomination, Best Actor


Atlantic Theater Co. 2015

“Ghost Stories” should appeal both to audiences who like to hear a good tale on a drowsy summer’s day and to theatergoers interested in dissecting Mr. Mamet’s way with words, in identifying the method behind the verbal magic.


Mr. Lage, a founding member of the Atlantic and a longtime interpreter of Mr. Mamet, offers a carefully measured master class in this regard.

As a miniature of narrative, “Prairie du Chien” is pretty close to perfect, starting with Mr. Lage’s anchoring, confidently low-key performance.


What’s fascinating about both works is their low decibel level. Both Mr. Lage and Mr. Howard speak with a quiet authority that demands that you lean in to listen. Mr. Mamet may be best known for his loud explosions of obscenities. But “Ghost Stories” makes it clear that in a world ruled by the hustle, a whisper often trumps a scream.”

~ Ben Brantley, New York Times


Atlantic Theater Co. 2001

"Ms. Corthron can be wonderful in showing how people create their own ordering poetry out of life's disorder, in characters ranging from a ragged, avuncular drug dealer (Mr. Thomas) to a perpetually angry representative of the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association (superbly portrayed by Jordan Lage)."

~ Ben Brantley, New York Times

Harold Pinter's THE HOTHOUSE, Atlantic Theater Co. 1999

“A bright fever dream of a revival by the Atlantic Theater Company… Atlantic's highly polished interpretation… (is) criminally good fun.

The officious, steel-spined Gibbs, beautifully played by Jordan Lage, mixes sycophancy and superciliousness into something like a demon version of P. G. Wodehouse's Jeeves.” ~ Ben Brantley, New York Times

“’The Water Engine’'' which has been given a befittingly lucid revival by the Atlantic Theater Company (is) an exceptionally handsome production… (with) winningly unctuous performances from Jordan Lage and Peter Jacobson.” ~ Ben Brantley, New York Times

A fun, entertaining, & RIVETING interview I did a few weeks back for “Here Now the News with Jerry Barmash” is now ready for your listening pleasure. In which I discuss humble beginnings, studying acting with Msrs. Mamet & Macy, the formation of the Atlantic Theater Company, my journeyman career, my love for movies, The Godfather trilogy, and other fun stories.
I also shamelessly shill for the new Broadway revival of AMERICAN BUFFALO.
Part I available now; Part II (YES, THERE IS THAT MUCH TO TALK ABOUT) drops soon!
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